Scott Porter has been making knives since 1979. He’s part Cherokee Indian, and greatly enjoys the sense of accomplishment of crafting a tool that is both useful and pleasing to the eye and hand.

His workshop, built with care over the years, has all of the tools and equipment he needs to take a six-foot bar of stainless steel and create a knife. He controls every step, including the art of heat treating, so the final product is exactly what he wants.

He uses the highest quality components. The high-carbon stainless steels he uses have excellent edge-holding capabilities while resisting rust and corrosion. Based on thirty-six years of knifemaking, he’s found the best types of steel one can get.

Handle materials vary from dense exotic hardwoods to gathered deer antlers, to man-made materials such as micarta, corian, and other knifemakers’ specialty stock.

Scott has also purchased ancient ivories such as mastodon, woolly mammoth, and fossil walrus (harvested and sold by Alaskan natives). These materials gives a uniqueness to his knives – some of these ivories are more than 50,000 years old!

He also works with suppliers in South Africa to obtain leg bones from wildebeest, giraffe, and Cape buffalo.

His knives are fully guaranteed against defects under normal use. If any problems occur with the product due to crafting defects, the knife will be replaced.

Scott and his wife Vicki live in beautiful Stuart, Virginia, and hope you will enjoy his works of art for many years to come.

highpeaksknifeworks@gmail.com 1-276-694-6563 P.O. Box 846, Stuart, VA 24171